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It’s rare to work at one place and build a career over 40 years. It can feel like forever when you look back on how you started your career. But for Rose, it’s so real that she can pinpoint her very first memories. That’s when you know you’ve found the right place, not just to work, but to spend a lifetime helping others and finding your own growth.

Rose teaching in a classroom
Rose teaching a student

Rose had just graduated from Carroll College, and she wasn’t quite sure what she was going to do. She certainly didn’t have a plan for a career.

Today, 40 years later, she looks back and recalls one little girl who sparked her commitment to grow a career with MyPath. The memory reminds her how she found her place.

“I got the job working in direct care for about nine months and then became a program supervisor. The first group of kids I worked with was a small unit of girls, and in that unit was a little girl that had Prader-Willi Syndrome. That was my introduction to the syndrome.”

That little girl sure did leave an impact. It’s those positive moments, knowing the unique needs of people you’re helping and caring for, that make careers with MyPath so rewarding.

Rose has now worked with kids and adults with Prader-Willi Syndrome for 40 years. She started simply in her first steps as she started a new job she wasn’t even sure was right for her. But soon, she realized she found her place.

"Cohesion — being a part of something — I think it’s really important."

“It was really fun working with the kids and trying to understand how they ticked — what kinds of strategies were helpful for each of them,” says Rose. “Oh my gosh, it was fun. I got to do all kinds of fun stuff with the kids even working with them as a Special Olympics coach.”

Day after day, Rose could see the progress the kids were making as she worked closely with them. Year after year, her dedication to service grew along with her career in a place she’d call home.

40 years

of growth at MyPath.

8 positions

and promotions on her journey at MyPath.

Today, Rose is an icon for everyone working with MyPath. As she looks back, she recalls advancing her position to Program Supervisor, where she traveled, presented and helped work with kids to determine if the company’s care settings were right for them. Her path grew to work as a Group Home Coordinator and then, Group Home Director. Rose currently supports Prader-Willi Homes as its Assistant Clinical Services Director.

In 40 years, Rose has collected quite a few stories. This is just a snapshot of the steps she’s taken along the way.