It only takes a first step to find the path to the right career.

She began working with MyPath as a residential counselor, before earning promotions to manager and director positions. Now, she is a Program Coordinator, overseeing two program coordinators and six Prader-Willi Homes.

Kristina found a place to grow. Her education put her on the path to building a rewarding career working in Human Services.

“I knew this was somewhere I wanted to be and somewhere I wanted to stay.”

During the first steps into a career, she began to get affirmation of her purpose. “I was still new and not 100 percent sure of myself,” says Kristina. “I just finished dealing with an upset resident and one of my coworkers complimented me, ‘you have it,’ she said.”

Kristina at desk
Kristina sitting with coworkers at a conference table

That team bond and recognition helped Kristina believe, in herself and in the work of the company. “I have learned so many life skills and so much about myself," she says. "I love being a leader, mentoring people and watching them grow. I’ve also been given a lot of opportunities to grow through professional conferences and other learning opportunities. This job has shaped me into the person I am and has made me a better, more compassionate, more understanding person.”

11 years

at MyPath and has even bigger plans.

6 positions

within MyPath — and counting.

Throughout her 11 years with MyPath, Kristina has developed as a ‘rising star’ leader, helping others grow along the way and bringing positive energy every day. “You don’t have to come here with 10 to 20 years of experience,” she says. “You can start from anywhere and grow.”