MyPath Really Cares About Your Personal Growth

During most people’s careers, they experience unexpected twists and turns along the way. For Kasha, an Accounting Assistant at MyPath, her career path has been anything but a linear journey. Kasha started working at Genesee Lake School (GLS), a MyPath company, in August of 2018 as an Educational Support Professional. After two months, she started working as an Instructional Aide and loved being in the classroom. She worked in this position until the beginning of 2020. Kasha thoroughly enjoyed the time she spent working with the students and the connections she was able to make. However, Kasha opted to leave GLS for an entry-level role in accounting at CBRE.

“MyPath acknowledges employee owners not as numbers, but as people.”

In the fall of 2021, Kasha decided to go back to school to pursue both a certificate and an Associate’s degree in Accounting. She decided it was time to make a career change because her company was downsizing its US staff. She had always kept MyPath in the back of her mind as a possibility to come back to because she loves the size of the company and feels “MyPath acknowledges employee owners not as numbers, but as people.” When it came time to job search, Kasha received five different job offers. When asked what made her choose the position at MyPath over the others, she stated “Everyone here was always friendly, it’s like a family, everyone is so appreciative of the work others are doing.”


Now that she has been back at MyPath for a few months, Kasha has really been enjoying in-person training and is excited about the option to work hybrid remote once training is completed. She sees growth for herself at MyPath and is blown away by the long tenure of others with the company. Kasha likes that MyPath helps with tuition reimbursement while she is in school. She feels MyPath really cares about her personal growth and takes into consideration the types of roles she wants for her future. Kasha stated, “It’s really nice to come back and feel like I am being valued."